In the early 1030s Lala Hansraj kalra early 1930s, an affluent liquor baron came across Lutyen's Delhi, teh new and upcoming part of Delhi. It is here that he discovered the wondrous Connaught Place, a new circa thronged by the affluent crowd of the British Raj times. Fascinated by this motley crowd that the Capital was drawing Lala Hansraj started the United Coffee House, Delhi’s first café, a place for rendezvous and to bring the influencers under one roof to voice their opinions.
75 five years since then the UCH has become a legacy, an institution that exudes the beauty of the bygone era. Evolving and preserving this legacy, Mr Akash Kalra, a third generation hotelier s a custodian of the bygone era of the UCH. Having conquered fine dining, Mr. Akash Kalra conceptualized United Coffee House Rewind, a young, casual dining place that entertains and provides for patrons across generations.
United Coffee House Rewind is a vibrant, retro and fun yet an elegant and chic reminder of the bygone era! A modern day cousin of United Coffee House, United Group’s UCH REWIND is the place where classic gets a new twist with pleasant & delicious surprise! Evoking the nostalgic era with a young heart, its the perfect rendezvous place! Have you visited us yet?

United Coffee House, an iconic café-restaurant and bar and the city’s culinary destination